Conditions are the regulatory requirements an awarding body must meet to demonstrate ongoing compliance.  

There are two types: generally applied conditions which apply to all awarding bodies, and specific conditions, which relate to specific qualifications. You can access documents relating to our conditions below.

Generally applied conditions 

Standard conditions of recognition - sets out the rules and regulations that all awarding bodies and their qualifications must meet when offering qualifications in Wales. 

Additional certificate requirements - sets out the requirements for the design and production of each certificate an awarding body issues in relation to an approved qualification it offers in Wales.  

Qualification and component levels - supports the standard conditions of recognition, by setting out requirements and guidance for assigning levels to qualifications and (where appropriate) their components.

Specific conditions

Awarding bodies seeking to offer GCSEs, AS levels, A levels, Welsh Baccalaureate Skills Challenge Certificates, project qualifications or principal learning qualifications must comply with qualification specific conditions found in our Regulatory Documents List.

National differences

Our Standard Conditions of Recognition are broadly similar to those applied by regulators CCEA Regulation in Northern Ireland and Ofqual in England. This document sets out the main differences between our respective Conditions to help awarding bodies that operate in more than one country.

Conditions of Recognition: Main differences at a glance

Guidance for awarding bodies

We have published a series of guidance on particular conditions to support awarding bodies:

Conflicts of Interest

Contingency Planning

Malpractice and maladministration

The role of a Responsible Officer

Condition D6

Recognition of Prior Learning

Condition F1

Guidance for awarding bodies on Condition D9: Welsh-medium qualifications

Thematic guidance

Here is detailed guidance for awarding bodies on equalities, marking and Welsh-medium qualifications:

Fair Access by Design - guidance on how good qualification and assessment design can give all learners the fairest possible opportunities to show what they know, understand and can do.

Mark Schemes in Knowledge-Based Qualifications - a good practice guide to support qualification developers and assessors when designing, developing and reviewing mark schemes.

Guidance for Awarding Bodies - the development, delivery and awarding of qualifications through the medium of Welsh - is designed to support all awarding bodies offering Welsh-medium qualifications, whether you are starting, looking to increase provision or wanting to emulate good practice. The guidance takes you step by step through the development, design, delivery, and awarding of a qualification and also includes good practice examples and links to additional resources and contacts.